Meet the Committee

Our committee is a small but determined bunch! Being third and fourth-years, we’ve spent years taking part in society-run events, getting to know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we’ve introduced many new features designed to help younger students in their studies and have fun!

The society recently started a gaudie family system. This pairs younger, first-year students with older students who act as their “parents”. These close-knit families can be a source of fun, support, and knowledge for students that are still getting to grips with life at Dundee University.

With the current uncertainty brought about by COVID, our committee has also decided to hold numerous online events; from online hackathons to regular quiz nights, we’ve made a real effort to maintain the sense of community within our society and bring people of all backgrounds together.

Our committee are intent on seeing DUCS go further than ever before. We plan to hold more events, increase our membership and most importantly, have fun!

Our committee is as follows:

President – Luke Dawe

Vice President – Kamila Gorska

Marketing Coordinator – Joshua Bradley

Treasurer – Mo Nadat

Secretary – Patrick Turton-Smith

Event Coordinator – Andrew Holligan

Event Coordinator – Ruth Carnegie