Our Proudest Achievements


We’re proud to have been hosting hackathons since 2016 and over the past four years, we have learnt a great deal. Today, our ‘Quackathons’ are one of the many highlights of our academic year, with participants travelling to us from across the UK.

We run our hackathons over a 24-hour period, and every year, we are astonished by the finished projects that teams can create. There are prizes for the winners, generously provided by our sponsors, who are also kind enough to lead talks and impart their knowledge of the industry to participants at the event.

The Quackathon is not an event to be missed, and we highly recommend anyone of any level of skill to come along and share in the fun!

Black Girls Code Fundraiser

On the 30th of June 2020, we hosted a charity bingo event for the charity ‘Black Girls Code’, a non-profit organisation dedicated to introducing girls of colour ages 7-17 to computer programming and technology. Together with the ‘Dundee University Women in STEM Society’, we raised over £450 for a cause that we strongly support and we were proud to host outside speakers who shared their incredibly encouraging stories with us.

We are pleased to have been recognised by the University as well, having been mentioned in the newsletter and receiving praise from the Dean of the School of Science and Engineering!

Our Community

The support for ‘Black Girls Code’ is just one of the many milestones that our society has come together on. We would be very little without the ongoing support of our members and their participation in our events. Their attendance to our fundraisers, quizzes, Quackathons, bingo, ceilidhs, scavenger hunts, movie nights and pub crawls would be lifeless without them and we’re exceptionally proud to have such a friendly community of fun-loving students.

Our society has grown from a size of 30 to over 170 in just one year and it has allowed us to improve and expand our events exponentially!

DUSA Awards

Having grown over 5 times larger, our society has increased influence and potential for great things! Last year, we introduced the gaudie system, a support system for younger students and an easy way for older students to stay enagaged. As well as this, we began hosting many online events, maintaining the close and friendly bond within the society during uncertain times of lockdown. We’ve even held largely successful fundraisers for worthy causes and hosted our first-ever online Quackathon.

With all of this in mind, we were overjoyed to accept DUSA’s award for ‘Most Progressive Society’ for the 2019/20 academic year. This is the first award we as a society have earned, and we’re confident it won’t be our last.