The Quackathon

The Quackathon is one of our most anticipated events and is held every year in the Queen Mother Building. We began hosting the 24-hour long hackathon in 2016 and are continually impressed by the projects that teams come up with. Having hosted several of these events, we’re incredibly proud to have recently held our first-ever online Quackathon which was a resounding success!

Students from all over the UK travel to take part, it’s not just Dundee University exclusive. Having so much talent from the across country has attracted sponsors such as Craneware and ChilliConnect, who we are incredibly grateful to, especially for imparting their industry-leading knowledge and of course, providing food for the event!

We hold the Quackathon during the first semester of each academic year and if you’re interested in attending then feel free to enquire by emailing:

All are welcome, and don’t forget to invite your friends.

We look forward to seeing you there!